Selling Houses With an Option to Purchase

Selling Houses With an Option to Purchase
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This course will show you how to sell houses for top price in any real estate market regardless of what the economy is like. Jay’s lease option technique is different than most because it solves the two biggest problems facing every lease/option customer – namely, how to get the down payment together – and, qualifying for a new mortgage when it’s time to purchase the property.

Most lease/option customers have a lousy credit ratings tied to their past, which stops them from buying houses direct. Their credit score won?t qualify for a mortgage ? and yet, many who are rebuilding their lives have more than enough income to make bigger payments. These are the ideal lease option candidates. They have enough income today ? but they need extra time to complete the purchase. Jay?s plan is specifically designed to accommodate this growing group of customers.

ay tells you which houses are best candidates for selling with lease option contracts and how to establish the right (higher) selling price. You?ll learn why customers are more than happy to pay 25% higher rents during the lease period. Naturally landlords are quite happy too! Learn about Jay?s financing plans and how to structure sales with existing mortgage debt on the house. You must be able to clearly explain the benefits to lease/option customers, and this is where Jay?s 60 minute tape or CD helps you the most. The reasons are in the book, but the voice of experience is worth 10,000 words.

Jay explains how to qualify your applicant and provides samples of all the necessary forms you need to record every transaction. You?ll also receive Jay?s rental application form ? plus, 5 important tips for selecting the right lease/option customer to start with.