Telephone Mentoring

Telephone Mentoring
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Price $100.00

Allow me to steer you toward the money. Let my 45 years of experience work for you - and remember, real estate investing is my business, not just fixer houses - Fixer's are my specialty! FINANCING, LOCATION, CASH FLOW, BORROWING, TRADING, LEASE OPTIONS, BUYING NOTES, and LANDLORDING - If it has anything to do with investing, I've done it and can help you do it.

Let's Buy Your Property - Working Together

Over the years, I've assisted students in buying dozens of valuable income producing properties. We do it by telephone, FAX machine - and often with pictures sent by students.

Telephone Mentoring is a quick "jumpstart" way for you to start buying cash flow real estate and guarantee your future.

"Easy As Pie" - Here's How To Start

A $100 deposit is required to setup your file - Visa or Master Card acceptable. After your deposit is verified, you'll receive our special telephone number which automatically records the (time) number of minutes you use each call.

This deposit is 100% refundable when you request, or you may apply it to your last telephone mentor call when you decide to stop this service.

You must provide a Visa or Master Card for billing. Your calls will be billed after each call. Receipts provided upon request. Rate is $4.00 per minute.

You may call anytime days, evenings, Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays - Anytime! Jay will answer this line about 80% of the time. Jay does not return calls - try again you are only billed when you talk to Jay.