Jay's 90/10 Plan - How To Find A Money Partner

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For struggling investors with know-how and talent – but lack enough money to tackle bigger profit opportunities, this course can solve your problem.  Jay’s 90/10- INVESTOR PLAN will show you how to attract money partners who need your skills, in exchange for their dollars.  Most small-time investors have no idea that big money is available for folks who have their skills.  Passive investors, with tons of money are ready and willing to invest – but how can you find them?  How do you prepare yourself and convince them that your set of skills, combined with their resources (money), can earn big paydays?

This course will show you how to present yourself in a business-like manner as a skilled hands-on operator capable of making profits with a money partner.  You will learn which properties work best with money investors and how to estimate the amount you need so you don’t end up short.  From an accounting standpoint, this 90/10 arrangement is quite easy to explain.  You, the operator, will invest 10%, and your co-investor will contribute 90% of all the costs.  At the end; profits are divided 50-50 once all contributions have been paid back to each investor.

The key to any successful co-investment opportunity is always the paperwork.  Jay’s 90-/10 ownership agreement, with 14 terms that protect the parties, is very easy to understand.  Even Jay’s personal attorney has approved it and uses it. You’ll also receive Jay’s Management Fee Schedule to use as a guide.  As the operator, you will naturally be entitled to a monthly management fee.  You’ll learn how a single investment of $16,000 returned Jay $370,000.  You won’t find a better vehicle for making big money no matter how hard you try!  This course also teaches you how select the right money partner for all the right reasons – you must have this information before you ever consider selecting Mr. Moneybags.