The ABC's Of Seller Financing

The ABC's Of Seller Financing
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The “gold standard” of financing for “do-it-yourself” investors is seller financing.  The primary reason is because both parties, the buyer and seller, can negotiate the terms to create transactions that will generate a positive income.  There are no REDI-MADE programs or products, as the banks call their various types of mortgages.  Seller financing and terms can be as creative as the parties are willing to be.  That’s the beauty of seller financing.

This course will show you how to structure creative financing when you prepare your offer.  Jay also shows you how to work with R.E. agents – and get their approval to meet with sellers, which of course, they make every effort to avoid.  You’ll learn the 5 powerful reasons why seller financing is always best, and in almost all situations – much cheaper.  You’ll also learn, there is no limit to how many deals you can do like conventional or FHA backed mortgages.

This course shows you how Jay’s favorite financing plan works to guarantee your cash flow.  It’s called Jay’s graduated or variable payment mortgage and it makes it possible to acquire properties that otherwise wouldn’t work.  You’ll see examples of Jay’s written offers so you can design your own deals with seller financing.  Copies of installment notes are included so you can write your own, as well as guidelines on how much you should pay for financing.  “Pajama Money”, as Jay calls it – selling properties using wrap-around financing.  You’ll learn how it works – and why!  A copy of an all-inclusive promissory note shows you how to write them up for yourself.  Jay’s special 60 minute CD explains how this stuff works so you’ll close more deals.