Fixer Jay's Managing Tenants & Toilets Home Study Course

Fixer Jay's Managing Tenants & Toilets Home Study Course
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Fixer Jay's Managing Tenants & Toilets Seminar Home Study Course


The only landlording couse you'll ever need - taught by full-time landlords for investors who operate rental properties.

18 educational chapters -10 training CDs (Studio recorded)

If you are a struggling landlord and you feel somewhat overwhelmed or intimidated by your tenants, this course will save you lots of sleepless nights and perhaps even your future. 

You'll learn how to operate your properties in control of the tenants. Also, how to diffuse problems before they ever happened using Jay's offensive techniques as opposed to defensive measures. Discover how to stay one step ahead of your tenants.

Here's what you'll learn– topics not found in other courses

  • How to interview tenants by telephone
  • How do your insurance agent helps you manage
  • Manage tenants with hand written memos
  • What you need to know about Section 8
  • Tenants files - All the information you need
  • Protect yourself when you hire handymen
  • Closing out. How to handle security deposits
  • What you need to know when you purchase insurance
  • How to solve most drug problems yourself
  • How to handle mold threats from tenants
  • How to click late fees 99% of the time
  • Serving notices– doing your own eviction
  • How to write very persuasive letters and memos
  • Property sketches will save you thousands of hours – thousands of dollars too!
  • What to do when the tenant all his stuff
  • How to conduct a tenant interview so you learn the right information. To rent - or not to rent
  • Learn Jay's "Managing by Mail" techniques and save your sanity. Personal contact not required 95% of the time.
  • How to handle 40 tenants with much less hassle than amature landlords have with just one or two.
  • der state and federal statutes
  • How to hire part-time workers and avoid the risk of lawsuits and/or injuries.
  • How to evict - get rid of a hiding tenant without ever finding him or serving him unlawful detainer papers.