Managing Your Tenants By Mail

Managing Your Tenants By Mail
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Nearly every landlord - tenant issue can be handled or controlled much better with written communicaioins.  This saves both time and perhaps, even your sanity - GUARANTEED!

264 actual "ready to use" memos for you to use for almost any situation.

My "life saver" course contains 160 "ready to use memos" you can begin using immediately to relieve your tenant problems.  Almost every landlord ­ tenant problem is covered, including; late payments, drug violations, unauthorized pets, property damages, security deposits withheld, extra guests and neighborhood disturbances. To make sure you understand my reasons and what your memos should say17 specialty letters that are longer and address more challenging situation.

418 page binder and 6 hours of audio CD's of Jay going into more detail on the memos. I'll explain my strategies so you can start writing your own memos like a pro in no time at all!

Make no mistake about it, this course can save your sanity! You'll learn how to handle emotional tenant problems in a fraction of the time without visits or listening to screaming telephone calls. There's no good reason to have personal confrontations, even hostile telephone calls and especially those unpleasant visits to your tenant's house begging for your own rents! You can forget that kind of nonsense!

I don't know about you, but I've stayed mad at my obnoxious tenant for 10 days in a row! I still remember not being able to get these emotional battles outta my head! It's been quite a few years now - but I've never forgotten how upset I used to get from arguing with my tenants. Naturally, the tenants didn't occupy my thoughts every single minute, but it boils down to this ­ Tenants stole my valuable time! You simply cannot be a productive investor and get things accomplished when you are constantly upset with your tenants.

This is how my ACTION MEMOS got their start! I was extremely desperate to find a way to relieve my mind of tenant problems. Seems we human types can only process one thought in our brain at a time. It's nearly impossible to think creative money-making thoughts if you allow your tenants to constantly keep you upset! Believe me when I tell you, the time and money you can lose over emotional tenant confrontations staggers the imagination.

My personal memos will eliminate the emotions that you cannot avoid with one­on­one conversations. They also save you time and establish a written record of whatever action is called for. It keeps you (the landlord) in a much more positive mode because you won't have to listen to your tenant's excuses and trumped­up stories a third grader wouldn't believe! Also, when you spend the extra time to write down your concerns ­ it gives you a chance to think more clearly about the matter. Your decisions will most always turn out better for everyone involved.